Supercharge your LearnDash LMS to manage your B2B, corporate, education and not-for-profit clients.

The Organization Toolkit for LearnDash makes it easy to enrol, customize and report on your online training for your clients.

Organization Toolkit for LearnDash

Integrate Arlo with LearnDash to deliver awesome online and blended training courses.

Our easy-to-install WordPress plugin will have your customers enrolling through Arlo and studying in LearnDash in just a few  minutes.

Create powerful cohort-based online courses in LearnDash.

Motivate your learners and increase the impact of your training with the scheduled unlocking of lessons, nudge emails and comments.

Cohort Manager for LearnDash makes it easy create and manage cohort-based courses for groups of learners – all from one single screen.

Cohort Manager for LearnDash

Custom LearnDash Development from the LMS experts

Using LearnDash with WordPress is a popular option for training providers wanting a flexible learning management system (LMS) that can grow their business.

If you need custom development for your existing or new LearnDash LMS site then we can help. We have years of experience customisation LearnDash to power engaging courses for your learners and boost your training business.


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4 things your client needs from your training platform

4 things your client needs from your training platform

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LearnDash breaks my website – what can I do?

LearnDash breaks my website – what can I do?

The “LearnDash LMS Tips & Tricks” Facebook forum is a brilliant place to go if you have any questions or issues related to LearnDash. We recently spotted an issue from a LearnDash user whose website broke whenever they activated LearnDash: Whenever they activated...

Business-to-business toolkit – Version 1.1 out now!

Business-to-business toolkit – Version 1.1 out now!

We’re excited to announce the release of version 1.1 of the Business-to-Business toolkit for LearnDash. When you update to this version you’ll get a few great new features to really enhance the delivery of your training into organisations. Some of the new features in...