How we manage plugin updates on our LearnDash platforms

Written by Mark Langdale

5 April 2024

In this video, we share our strategies for managing LearnDash plugin updates effectively. We break this down into 5 tips showing how we approach automatic updates, implement backup-test cycles, reduce plugin use, stay informed about vulnerabilities, and use version control. These practices help us maintain a secure and efficient LearnDash site.

0:00 – Introduction
0:29 – Why do you need a strategy for applying plugin updates?
1:25 – Tip 1: Manage automatic updates wisely
5:42 – Tip 2: Use a backup, update, test lifecycle
9:43 – Tip 3: Minimize plugin usage
10:30 – Tip 4: Stay informed about plugin vulnerabilities
12:05 – Tip 5: Use version control (Git)
13:15 – Summary


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