Create powerful cohort-based online courses in LearnDash.

Motivate your learners and increase the impact of your training with the scheduled unlocking of lessons and notification emails.

Cohort Manager for LearnDash makes it easy create and manage cohort-based courses for groups of learners – all from one single screen.


Cohort Manager for LearnDash

Key Features

In self-paced online courses, learners can often lose motivation and struggle to complete their courses.

Cohort-based courses – where learners learn together and at the same time – are a powerful format course creators can use to maximise the impact of their training.

Cohort Manager for LearnDash gives you the tools you need to manage a group through a scheduled course by unlocking lessons and sending nudge emails.


Create powerful cohort-based online courses with ease

Through a single screen you can supercharge your courses with the Cohort Manager. Use this engaging format to increase motivation and boost your completion rates.

Quickly clone your cohort courses to rapidly spin up new groups.


Schedule the release of your course lessons

Release your LearnDash lessons to a group of learners on a date and time that you decide.

Convert your existing courses into a cohort-based format

Already created your LearnDash course? Use the Cohort Manager to deliver your self-study course in this additional  format.


Schedule nudge emails to keep your learners motivated

Want to notify learners when their next lesson is available to access? Check in to see how they are progressing? Find out how they are implementing your training in their daily lives?

Schedule email notifications with ease and save time with your own email templates.

Combine with the Organization Toolkit

Use Cohort Manager with the Organization Toolkit to supercharge your LearnDash LMS for your B2B, not for profit, education and group clients.

“Cohort-based online courses are a powerful format that can aid motivation, help learners learn from the experiences of other learners and provide course creators with a new way of standing out in an increasingly competitive market.

The Cohort Manager for LearnDash plugin helps course creators design online training programmes that overcome the typical attention and commitment challenges that come with self-paced online learning programmes.”

Andrew Jack

“We’ve had many requests from trainers wanting an easy way to deliver dripped courses to their groups of learners over a number of days, weeks or months.

The Cohort Manager allows you to set up the release of lessons and the scheduling of emails quickly from the same screen.

Cohort-based courses are a powerful format that every course creator should use.”

Mark Langdale

Build new course experiences with Cohort Manager

Self-paced online courses can sometimes suffer from low completion rates and learner drop-off.

The Cohort Manager for LearnDash plugin gives you the flexibility to create engaging course formats to maximise your impact with your learners.

Fixed duration courses

Release a short and impactful lesson each day to your group over 7 days, 2 weeks or 50+ days. Take your pick!

Encourage them to progress on their course content by sending them a short teaser email on the next lesson.

Course semesters

Deliver your training over a number of weeks? Need to manage this schedule differently for different groups?

Schedule the release of your lessons in line with your course calendar with ease.

Blended training

Want the online elements of your blended course to synchronise with the schedule for live sessions?

Use the Cohort Manager for LearnDash plugin to schedule the release of lessons around your face-to-face or live online sessions.



Welcome new learners into your company with a short and punchy introductory course over 5 days using nudge emails.

All possible with the Cohort Manager for LearnDash plugin!


What does the Schedule Lessons by Group plugin allow you to do?

If you want to create a course where each lesson is made available to a group of learners at the same time, then Cohort Manager gives you a simple way to create and manage a ‘workflow’. A workflow is simply a series of scheduled lessons and emails (what we call more generally as ‘interactions’).

Unlike other plugins, you can create workflows from the same screen in LearnDash – without having to edit this in each lesson.

It also allows you to schedule notification emails to prompt your learners to log back into your LearnDash and complete their next lesson.

Why should I schedule lessons and not just make them all available at the start?

Motivation can often be a challenge with self-paced courses. Releasing lessons regularly to your learners and sending them an email notification may help increase engagement in your training course.

Can I already drip lessons in LearnDash without this plugin?

Yes, but this has some significant  limitations. Dripped lessons in LearnDash can only be managed for all course content and not on a group level. This means that all learners will have lessons opened to them on the set date, irrespective of when they were enrolled on the course. This is not suitable where you have groups of learners.

What do I need to use Cohort Manager for LearnDash?

All you need is a WordPress site with the latest version of LearnDash installed.

What kind of support do you offer?

We offer professional, one to one support to our customers through the ticketing system.

Is there any coding skill required to use this plugin?

No. As long as you are comfortable with the WordPress and LearnDash administration areas this plugin will be easy to set up and configure.

How much control do I have over the emails?

Plugin administrators can specify the entirety of the email content. To save time, you can create  email templates to quickly replicate common emails. Emails can be the same or completely different for each group – it’s your choice!

How are emails sent out?

Emails are sent out through your existing WordPress set-up – like all your other system emails.

How quickly can I set up a workflow for my course?

Workflows are created in one screen, making it very easy to set these up. You can also clone existing workflows to save even more time!

If a group is enrolled on multiple courses, can I create workflows for each course?

Yes, each course can have a unique workflow.

How do I instruct a lesson to be released or an email to be sent?

You can choose an interaction to happen based on a specific date and time. You can instruct an interaction to happen on a specific date or time or on a number of days after the initial interaction.

Is there any limit to the number of interactions I can have in a workflow?

No, you can add as many interactions as you wish.

How will I get plug-in updates?

You will get a notification in your WordPress administration area whenever an update is available. You can update it automatically with just a click.

Can I use this plug-in with a client project?


Do you provide an installation and setup guide?

Of course! Check out our comprehensive getting started guide. 

What are the terms of receiving a refund?

If you are unhappy with your purchase, we will gladly refund your money. You can apply for a refund within 30 days of purchase.


Cohort Manager -  coming soon


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