LearnDash 4.13 – What’s New?

Written by Mark Langdale

22 April 2024

In this video, we explore the updates in LearnDash version 4.13. We focus on the new ‘Experimental features’ section, where LearnDash trials new tools, including the AI-powered Virtual Instructor. We’ll create a Virtual Instructor and demonstrate how it integrates with your courses, providing a practical overview of its functionality.

0:00 – Introduction
0:10 – What are the new features in version 4.13?
1:26 – Enabling LearnDash Experiments
2:51 – Creating a Virtual Instructor
3:24 – Adding an Open AI API Key
4:36 – Virtual Instructor settings
7:29 – Testing the Virtual Instructor
9:30 – Our thoughts on the new Virtual Instructors


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