Selling course licences in LearnDash

Written by Andy Jack

13 July 2021

If you want to sell course licenses from your LearnDash LMS, then we’re delighted to announce this is now possible through the LearnDash Business-to-Business Toolkit. The B2B toolkit allows you to offer unlimited or limited access codes to a client, who can then encourage their employees or learners to self-enrol on to your courses.

With the LearnDash Business-to-Business Toolkit, organisations can distribute licenses to their team of employees. The staff member will then go to a specific registration form, which you have set up, enter their details and the access code and create their account. This automatically enrols them onto a group you have set up, meaning once logged in they can see the courses you want them to be enrolled onto.

This is a very useful feature if you’re selling your courses B2B to other organisations, rather than just to individuals.

The LearnDash Business-to-Business Toolkit allows you to:

  • Offer Bulk License Purchase Option
    Sell a number of licenses or an unlimited number of licenses to your client for a per-user fee or a bulk price
  • Set up groups for your clients
    Select which courses you want your client’s learners to be able to access
  • Offer self-registration to your clients
    Learners can register their own LearnDash account. Registration can be restricted to those who have an access code and this code can assign them to specific LearnDash groups.
  • Limit the use of licenses
    Set a maximum number of times a license code can be used by an organisation.

You can start selling courses in LearnDash by installing the LearnDash Business-to-Business Toolkit.

For more information on setting up course licenses, watch this video:

LearnDash Business-to-Business (B2B) Toolkit #4 – Setting up a registration form and course licenses


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