Preview: AI Virtual Tutors in the AI eLearning Powerpack

Written by Mark Langdale

28 May 2024

Want to support all of your learners, but simply don’t have the capacity or time?

With the AI Virtual Tutors, students can ask questions to a virtual version of you, and this provides answers from your point of view, without you being there!

Using your own content, you’ll create an AI version of yourself that ensures the responses and specific, relevant and in line with the key themes of your course. No more generic AI responses!

In this walkthrough video we demonstrate how you can add these to your online courses using the AI eLearning Powerpack.

0:00 – Introduction
0:56 – Creating an Open AI Assistant
2:33 – Adding your Intellectual Property to the Open AI Assistant
3:59 – Creating your AI Virtual Tutor
7:05 – Testing your AI Virtual Tutor


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