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Want to enhance your online courses with AI, but unsure what to do, or even where to start?

The AI eLearning Powerpack is a powerful WordPress plugin designed to enhance any online course with cutting-edge Generative AI features.

It’s perfect for educators, trainers, course builders and elearning designers to add AI into their online course content without any of the technical headaches.

AI eLearning Powerpack

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The plugin will give you powerful capabilities to add add AI-conversations, AI–enhanced reflections and AI Virtual Tutors to elevate your course experience, boost your impact and ensure your course stands out from the crowd.

Compatible with any WordPress learning management systems like LearnDash, TutorLMS, and LifterLMS, the AI eLearning Powerpack provides a user-friendly and adaptable solution to add AI to your online courses in a matter of minutes.

Supercharge your online courses with AI

AI Powered Conversations

AI-Powered Conversations

Ever wanted to give your students the opportunity to practice their new knowledge and skills through online conversations, but didn’t know how?

With the AI eLearning Powerpack, you can create powerful role-play scenarios such as virtual job interviews and business pitches, using AI-generated avatars which you control.

Your learners can practice and hone their skills in a virtual environment, before they unleash them on the world. Learners will also receive detailed feedback – aligned with conversational objectives – to help them understand how well they’ve done and where they can continue to improve.

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AI Reflections
AI Enhanced Reflections

AI-Enhanced Reflections

Asking learners to think about their current situations and how they can apply what they’ve learned in your eLearning is a powerful educational tool.

The AI-Enhanced Reflections feature prompts learners with intelligent suggestions based on their progress to kickstart their thinking and personalize their learning experience.

This tool is excellent for anyone looking to enhance student engagement and foster an environment of active, reflective learning.

AI Virtual Instructors

AI Virtual Tutors

Want to support all of your learners, but simply don’t have the capacity or time?

With the AI Virtual Tutors, students can ask questions to a virtual version of you, and this provides answers from your point of view, without you being there!

Using your own content, you’ll create an AI version of yourself that ensures the responses and specific, relevant and in line with the key themes of your course. No more generic AI responses!

AI Virtual Instructors

The AI eLearning Powerpack is exclusively available to Waitlist subscribers. Buy now!

What makes the AI eLearning Powerpack different?

There are hundreds of AI plugins for WordPress out there.

However none of these are focussed on creating great educational experiences for learners using a WordPress-based LMS.

Using AI to enhance your online courses for the first time can feel confusing, overwhelming and technically complex.

That’s why everyone who purchases the AI eLearning Powerpack will gain exclusive access to a library of training videos to help them implement AI into their online training and create engaging AI-powered learning experiences that stand out from the crowd.

AI eLearning Powerpack knowledgebase

What is the AI eLearning Powerpack?

The AI eLearning Powerpack is a WordPress plugin designed to enhance any learning management system with powerful AI-driven tools. It helps educators and trainers integrate AI into their courses to improve engagement, provide personalized learning, and facilitate practical skill development.

What are the main features of the AI eLearning Powerpack?

Initially, the key features include AI-Enhanced Reflections, AI-Powered Conversations, and AI Virtual Tutors. Each of these is designed to support and enhance the learning experience by providing AI capabilities without any of the technical headaches.

When will the AI eLearning Powerpack be released?

The AI eLearning Powerpack will be released exclusively to the waitlist in June 2024. It will be released more widely later in 2024.

What kind of support do you offer for the AI eLearning Powerpack?

We provide comprehensive support including a dedicated helpdesk, instructional videos and detailed documentation inside our knowledgebase.

What AI service does this plugin use?

The AI eLearning Powerpack uses OpenAI (ChatGPT) to provide the AI capabilities. We provide full guidance on how to set up and integrate this with the plugin.

Which learning management systems are compatible with the AI eLearning Powerpack?

This plugin is compatible with major WordPress-based LMS platforms such as LearnDash, TutorLMS, and LifterLMS. It’s designed to integrate seamlessly, regardless of the learning system you currently use. Additionally, it can be used natively in WordPress environments, even without an LMS, ensuring flexibility across different educational settings.

Will I incur extra costs to use the AI services in AI eLearning Powerpack?

Yes, using the AI services within the AI eLearning Powerpack requires a separate subscription to OpenAI. To access the AI features, you will need to sign up for OpenAI and obtain an API key. Full details on how to sign up and integrate your API key is provided in our documentation, ensuring a smooth setup process. Please note that OpenAI offers different pricing plans, which you can choose based on your specific usage needs and budget.

Do I need technical skills to install or use the AI eLearning Powerpack?

No, the plugin can be administered ike any other WordPress plugin. Installation is straightforward, and configuring the settings does not require advanced technical skills. We provide detailed documentation and support to help you get started.

How can I sign up for early access to the AI eLearning Powerpack?

You can sign up for early access by joining our waitlist. You’ll receive exclusive updates about the launch and early access offers.

Is there a trial version I can test before I purchase the plugin?

We will include a demo of the plugin that waitlist members can access.

Does this plugin work with any theme?

The plugin is designed to work with  popular modern WordPress themes such as Astra, Elementor and BoddyBoss.

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