How to use the Business-to-Business Toolkit to display your client’s logo in your LearnDash LMS

Written by Andy Jack

24 August 2021

As a training provider, you may be selling your training and consultancy to a client as part of a wider package. For example, your client may be delivering a company-wide initiative around a particular topic (such as equality and diversity, leadership or equal opportunities) – of which your training is just one part.

For larger companies, it’s often important that their brand is prominent throughout all touchpoints of a campaign. But if you’re delivering your online learning through LearnDash, how can you change the branding of your LMS without changing it for all your other clients too?

In the Business-to-Business Toolkit for LearnDash, we have created the ability to create profiles for each of your clients (what we call ‘organisations’). As part of this, you can upload the logo of your client and choose it to display for any learner associated with this organisation.

For guidance on how to set up ovebranding for your LearnDash site, watch this video:

But what if you want learners to register themselves? Won’t they still see your logo and not the client’s logo? Well we’ve developed a unique registration form feature too. You can create registration forms for each client and choose to display the client’s logo on here too. You can also specify a client-related URL for the registration form to ensure your client’s brand is referenced across the site.

If you need guidance on how to set up registration forms in the B2B Toolkit, check out this walkthrough:


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