Using an API to connect LearnDash with Arlo

Written by Mark Langdale

24 June 2021

The Arlo and LearnDash integration plugin links your Arlo platform with your LearnDash platform. When installed, it will enable your LearnDash platform to communicate with Arlo using Arlo’s REST Auth API.

So what is an API?

You may have heard the term API used in relation to systems, but not fully understood what it means. An API stands for “Application Programming Interface” and in simple terms, it typically allows two separate platforms to talk to one another.

A great way to visualise an API is to think of it as a waiter at a restaurant. The waiter acts as the intermediary between you and the kitchen of the restaurant, taking requests and bringing you your food.

As a comparison, we look at the steps involved in a trip to a restaurant and compare them to the way the Arlo and LearnDash integration plugin works.

StepTrip to a restaurantArlo and LearnDash integration plugin
1You look through the menuThe Arlo API has a list of available resources (like a menu) that allow you to retrieve different pieces of information from Arlo.
2You tell the waiter which dish you would like to orderThe plugin tells Arlo that it needs a list of people on a specific Arlo event
3The waiter goes to the kitchen and brings you your foodThe Arlo API retrieves a list of learners on a specific event
4You eat your foodThe plugin enrols the learners onto a courses or groups
5You pay the restaurant for your food by giving some money to the waiterThe plugin acknowledges that learners have completed their courses and tells Arlo to mark their event registration as completed

So there you have it! The Arlo-LearnDash Integration plugin gives you an easy way to benefit from an API, without all the technical complexities. Just download, install, customise and you’re ready to sell elearning to your customers!


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