Try Training Spark plugins on our new demo site

Written by Andy Jack

17 January 2022

We’re delighted to announce that you can now test our Cohort Manager and Organization Toolkit plugins for LearnDash on our dedicated demo site.

Naturally many WordPress administrators and LearnDash course creators are keen to try a plugin before they purchase and add this to their learning platform.

Our new demo site allows you to log in as an administrator and try Training Spark plugins before you purchase and download.

Try Cohort Manager for LearnDash to:

  • Build two different types of workflows for your online courses
  • Schedule the release of LearnDash lessons
  • Schedule the sending of automatic emails (emails will not be sent from the demo site)
  • Assign groups to workflows
  • Insert shortcodes into your course content that only specific cohorts can view

Try Organization Toolkit for LearnDash to:

  • Set up organization profiles in the LearnDash LMS
  • Build registration forms for each of your clients
  • Enrol your client’s learners in bulk through a CSV upload
  • Overbrand the LearnDash platform differently for each organization
  • Insert organization-specific content using unique shortcodes
  • Create access codes to manage enrolment for your client’s employees

What are you waiting for? Access the Training Spark demo site.


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