The Business-to-Business Toolkit is now the Organization Toolkit for LearnDash

Written by Andy Jack

9 November 2021

Sometimes after you launch a new product, you realise the name ain’t right. And that’s certainly the case with the Business-to-Business Toolkit. As such, we’ve rebranded our flagship WordPress plugin as the Organization Toolkit.

Why the change?

We developed the Business-to-Business Toolkit on the back of many years of experience creating customized LearnDash platforms for training providers. Many of these companies needed the functionality to deliver their training to other businesses and the plugin captured many of the typical features needed in this scenario.

However, when we launched the plugin back in the summer we received lots of feedback that the plugin was just as useful for other organization types, such as not-for-profits and educational clients. If you want to enrol and manage groups of learners onto your LearnDash courses, then the plugin is an essential tool.

What difference will I notice?

Very little! If you’ve purchased the plugin, next time you log in to your LearnDash site you’ll have the opportunity to download and install the latest update. This will update the name of the menu of your WordPress admin area.

What else has changed?

As part of this release, we’ve also made some further enhancements to make the Organization Toolkit even better!

  • We’ve revamped the progress dashboards. Some LearnDash sites have many courses and hundreds of users, which made these reports very long. We’ve slimmed these down significantly to create a more improved view.
  • There’s always been the ability in the plugin to display an organization’s logo for their employees on registration forms and within the LearnDash environment. LearnDash administrators now have more flexibility to display the logo on the registration form, when logged in or both.
  • Previously if a learner already had an account and used a registration form as way of logging in, it would decrement the number of license codes used – even though the learner had already used a code. This has been fixed and clearer messaging added (advising to log in) when an attempt is made to use a license code for a course that a learner already is already enrolled onto.

Learn more about the Organization Toolkit for LearnDash >


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