8 reasons why you should consider a training management system

Written by Andy Jack

16 August 2021

Running a training company can be a real challenge, especially if you’re using heaps of different systems and documents to manage the operational aspects of your business.

Training Management Systems (‘TMS’) – such as Arlo, Training Orchestra and Accessplanit – are an alternative to running your business with spreadsheets and separate systems. Many training providers are now choosing to automate and streamline their course administration with these easy-to-use tools.

Here are 8 reasons why you should think about using a TMS in your training business:

  • Sell more courses!

    Often training management systems provide a ‘shop front’ for your training offering and allow customers to book directly onto courses. By streamlining the process, you’ll be converting more customers onto your courses.

  • Simplify course management

    Need to keep track of when and where your courses are being delivered? Need to know whether they are public or private courses? They are all listed in one system and include options on which classes to make public for sale, the format, venue (if relevant) etc.

  • Build stronger relationships with your learners

    Build and maintain a relationship with your learners and clients with the customer relationship management functionality. Often it can be easy to forget course reminders and follow-ups, but a training amanamgent system allows you to schedule and automate this as standard.

  • Let your tutors manage their own courses

    Most training management systems allow teachers, who are assigned to courses, to log in and check the details of their courses. They can check the venue information, number of attendees and if the course is confirmed or not. All reduces the administration and queries for your support team.

  • Make better bsusiness decisions

    If your customer and business information is spread across a number of different spreadsheet or systems, then it can be a real challenge to get a finger on the pulse of how your business is performing. Many TMSs have reporting including to give you the key information and help you make informed decisions.

  • Save on staff costs

    Our clients who use a training management system often comment how it has streamlined the business significantly. Indeed it often requires less people and an investment in a TMS should be viewed with this in mind.

  • Manage your business from anywhere

    With COVID and the increasing move to working remotely, a TMS allows you and your team to log in from anywhere, at anytime to manage the business. There are no more difficulties accessing files across shared folders and drives!

  • Easy integrations with other systems

    Use may choose to use your TMS alongside your other online platforms such as your company website or your learning management system. Many TMS platforms provide integration points with other sites or tools like Zapier. We’ve created a direct integration plugin for Arlo and LearnDash to allow customer enrolment and data to flow seamlessly between the two.

So if you want to grow your training business, consider a training management system. Who knows, it could be the perfect tool for your company!


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