Organization Toolkit just got a whole lot more flexible!

Written by Mark Langdale

14 July 2022

We’re delighted to announce the release of Organization Toolkit Version 1.4. This release is intended to allow you to make the plugin your own and really tailor it to your own needs. It includes a brand new way to manage the members of Organizations, additional features within license codes and some new hooks that allow developers to extend the functionality even more.

We know from experience that everyone who delivers their online training to Organizations does it in a slightly different way. So we wanted to give the plugin some more flexibility to work around your approach.

A key example of this is that previous versions of Organization Toolkit revolved heavily around LearnDash Groups and required you to associate LearnDash Groups with organizations.

But what if you have LearnDash groups that are made up of members from multiple organizations? Well version 1.4 makes this possible, by allowing you to associate individual users with organizations as well as LearnDash groups.

We’ve also added a heap of features that will be useful to developers. There’s better CSS customizability, enhanced role management and new action and filter hooks that open up options to fully integrate the plugin with your own ways of working. To help with this, we’ve added a new Tips and Tricks page to the knowledgebase to show some of the ways you can use these developer features.

Here’s a video showing you how to give the Editor role access to the features of Organization Toolkit:

We hope you love the new features and for full details on the new release, check out our changelog.


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