LearnDash 3.5 released

Written by Mark Langdale

2 September 2021

A new major release of LearnDash is now available. Due to several large changes, this is not currently available via the standard WordPress plugin updater. Instead, you’ll need to log into your LearnDash account and download a zip file to upgrade manually.

As we understand, this is the start of a change in the way new features are released. There will be a longer period between updates in the future, meaning fewer minor updates.

Among other great features, LearnDash 3.5 will introduce the ability to save learner progress in quizzes, so they don’t have to complete them all at once. This is great for anyone who has large quizzes and wants to offer their learners a chance to complete them in multiple steps.

At the time of writing, the LearnDash changelog doesn’t mention the update but a full changelog is shown below:

  • Added new quiz saving and resume functionality
  • Added new endpoint to REST API V2 for quiz form entries
  • Added fill in the blank question type individual answer points
  • Added filter to not force lower case compare on quiz answer
  • Updated increase rows for free question answer type
  • Updated quiz questions settings fields in REST API V2
  • Updated binary selector post_status display logic
  • Updated validated that the user inputted recurring billing cycle value is correct
  • Fixed if free quiz answer is 0 the answer is not being stored correctly in the statistics table
  • Fixed focus mode arrows getting reversed on tablets
  • Fixed leaderboard on front-end not displaying maximum points
  • Fixed quiz builder sometimes loading with an unexpected error in the console
  • Fixed lessons ordering changes after saving
  • Fixed individual point values being incorrect in the REST API
  • Fixed custom quiz time format options not saving
  • Fixed calendar icons not displaying the date on hover in focus mode
  • Fixed incorrect variable name in the REST API V2
  • Fixed some quiz settings not displaying in the WordPress admin when importing quizzes
  • Fixed PHP deprecated notice $block_editor_context
  • Fixed issue where update notice trigger triggers on the wrong plugin
  • Fixed quiz custom field dates not translated in the certificate builder
  • Fixed page scrolling to top on quiz start

We are in the process of checking our plugins against the new version of LearnDash, but don’t anticipate any issues given the updates that have been made. If there are, we will release updates that will be available via the WordPress update page.


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