How to use WordPress Playground with LearnDash

Written by Mark Langdale

1 August 2023

The team at WordPress recently released the exciting new “WordPress Playground” – a secure, browser-based platform that lets you experiment freely with WordPress and its features. Test plugins, themes, and settings without fear of affecting your main site.

In this video, we’ll showcase the key features of WordPress Playground and guide you through setting up a basic LearnDash site on it.

0:00 – Introduction
0:08 – What is WordPress Playground?
2:14 – Installing Kadence theme
3:29 – Installing LearnDash
5:10 – Importing content from another WordPress platform
7:25 – Viewing and editing LearnDash Courses within the WordPress Playground
9:10 – Exporting and Importing your WordPress Playground
11:09 – For Developers: Adapting LearnDash so it can be used in WordPress Playground


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