How to insert Articulate Storyline content into LearnDash LMS

Written by Mark Langdale

13 May 2024

Learn how to seamlessly integrate Articulate Storyline content into your LearnDash LMS in this instructional video. We cover the process of using the Tin Canny plugin to insert SCORM files authored in Articulate Storyline, enhancing your LearnDash courses with rich, interactive content.

Download the Tin Canny plugin

0:00 – Introduction
0:10 – What is Articulate Storyline?
0:45 – Does LearnDash allow you to insert SCORM?
0:58 – Introducing Tin Canny
1:30 – Installing Tin Canny
2:12 – Overview of reports and settings
3:42 – Uploading an Articulate Storyline SCORM
4:48 – Inserting the SCORM file into a LearnDash lesson or topic
7:35 – Viewing Tin Can (xAPI) statements
08:33 – Summary


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