How to add a CRM to LearnDash using Groundhogg CRM

Written by Mark Langdale

21 November 2023

Integrating a CRM with LearnDash transforms your learner interactions. Beyond mere marketing tools, CRMs like Groundhogg offer enhanced engagement, personalised support, and an enriched learning experience. Discover how to leverage Groundhogg with LearnDash in this video.

Check out Groundhogg CRM here.

0:00 – Introduction
0:27 – What is a CRM?
1:56 – Introducing Groundhogg CRM
2:54 – Setting up Groundhogg CRM
4:40 – Creating a Funnel
5:00 – Creating a funnel to automate activity when someone registers onto a course
9:29 – Testing the funnel with a new user
12:06 – Creating a registration form that onboards a user into your platform
17:05 – Testing the registration form as a new user
18:30 – Quick runthrough of some other key features in Groundhogg CRM


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