Groups Plus vs Organization Toolkit – LearnDash plugin comparison

Written by Andy Jack

25 April 2023

Groups Plus and Organization Toolkit are both LearnDash plugins that are intended for those who deliver training to organizations. We often get asked about the differences between the two, so we recorded a video to explain the key features of each.

Groups Plus is a self-management tool that empowers LearnDash Administrators to provide access to Organizations to create groups and enroll learners on their own.

Organization Toolkit is designed to make your platform more appealing to organizations and their users by offering features such as branding and organization-specific content.

0:00 – Introduction
1:22 – What are the purposes of each plugin?
1:55 – How are organizations managed with each plugin?
3:08 – What are the key features of each plugin?
4:55 – How organizations are managed in Groups Plus
8:00 – What features does Organization Toolkit add for organizations?
9:32 – What does overbranding look like in Organization Toolkit?
10:36 – Do the plugins have reporting?
11:56 – Can you import users from a CSV?
12:37 – Can you use both plugins alongside eachother?
13:16 – Summary


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