Cohort Manager for LearnDash now released!

Written by Andy Jack

18 January 2022

If you’re a regular reader of the Training Spark blog, you’ll have noticed that we’re big fans of cohort-based courses.

This powerful online course format mixes live video calls with on-demand online learning materials to create a high-impact training experience.

Yet creating cohort-based courses for groups of learners in LearnDash can be challenging to do.

Cohort Manager for LearnDash makes it super-easy to spin up high-impact and engaging cohort-based courses in just a few clicks. You can:

  • Create powerful ‘workflows’ consisting of several different interaction types
  • Unlock lessons in your course on specific dates or on a regular basis
  • Schedule emails to your learners to nudge them along and reinforce key points
  • Schedule emails to your group leaders or administrations to remind them of key course events
  • Use the same course for different cohorts – even if the schedule for each cohort is completely different
  • Rapidly clone workflows in seconds

We’ve pulled together a quick walkthrough of Cohort Manager so you can see how easy it is to build workflows:

And you can also test the plugin on our dedicated demo site.

So if you want to deliver powerful cohort-based courses through your LearnDash site, check out Cohort Manager today!



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