AI eLearning PowerPack – Sneak Preview

Written by Andy Jack

20 May 2024

As announced earlier this month, in June 2024 we’ll be launching our newest WordPress plugin – the AI eLearning Powerpack. Designed to enhance any online course with cutting-edge Generative AI features, you’ll be able to add AI in just a few clicks.

We’ve been overwhelmed with the interest in our new plugin. But when AI is sure to play a big part in the future of online education, perhaps we shouldn’t have been!

We’re working hard to put the final polish on many of the plugin features, but we know you’re keen to learn more about how the AI eLearning PowerPack can supercharge your online courses.

So here’s a quick 2-minute preview of the three key AI tools you could be adding to your LearnDash platform in just a few weeks.

Stay tuned for in-depth video walkthroughs on using the AI eLearning PowerPack coming very soon!


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