Tailor content for your clients in LearnDash

Organisation Content in LearnDash

Add client-specific content without duplicating courses

Selling online training to other companies or organizations often comes with some specific requests. One request may be to supplement your online training with specific information about the organization. For example, the client may wish for you to signpost existing resources on their company intranet to their learners.

But how do you do this without replicating any entire topic, lesson or course in LearnDash? With the Organization Toolkit for LearnDash you can do just that!

Bespoke Content

Use shortcodes, tied into organizational profiles, to insert bespoke content for your clients

Any Type of Content

You can insert text, images, a YouTube video – whatever your client wants

Multiple Shortcodes

Add multiple shortcodes on the same page – meaning you don’t need multiple versions of the same page for different clients

Adding company-specific content into your courses using shortcodes

Once you’ve downloaded and installed the Organization Toolkit for LearnDash, you can add bespoke content for your clients into your LearnDash topics, lessons and courses. Here’s how:

Organization Toolkit for LearnDash