Registration forms for organizations

Self registration in LearnDash

Flexible registration functionality to meet the needs of your client

If you have employers or clients buying access to your course(s) for their employees, you’ll need a simple way for learners to create their accounts on your LearnDash LMS.

The Organization Toolkit for LearnDash allows administrators to create registration forms. The URL of the registration form can then be communicated to the client, who in turn advises their employees where they create their account.

With self-enrolment, learners take control of their account and save you lots of administrative headaches!

Customisable Registration Forms

Tweak the data fields you collect for each client


Display your client’s logo on their registration form

Customised Registration Email

Send a registration email to a learner (tailored to their organization) when they create their account


Create unique license codes to prevent anyone from registering. License codes can have limited usage and also assign the learner to a specific group

Mulitple License Codes per Form

Use multiple license codes with a single form (so learners can be automatically assigned into different cohorts within the same organization)

Flexible Registration Form Options

Create generic registration forms (e.g. or dedicated forms for your clients (e.g.

Setting up a registration form in the LearnDash Organization Toolkit Plugin

Once you’ve downloaded and installed the Organization Toolkit for LearnDash, you’ll be able to set up registration forms for each of your clients. 

Watch this video to find out more (please note the video refers to the previous name for the plugin):

Organization Toolkit for LearnDash