Progress dashboards for your clients in LearnDash

Progress Dashboards

Essential insights for you and your clients

As a training provider, you’ll want to provide visibility to your client on how their learners are progressing, what courses they have completed and what is outstanding.

Add your client contact as a group leader in the Organization Toolkit for LearnDash and you’ll providing rich learner information to your client:

Easy Access

Your clients can access real-time progress reports in their account


View progress data for groups of learners within an organization

Overview and Detailed Reports

Your clients can view overall progression or view individual learners

Quick Contact

One-click links for your client to email an individual learner to encourage progress

Setting up a client dashboard in LearnDash

Once you’ve downloaded and installed the Organization Toolkit for LearnDash, you can provide your client with access to a progress dashboard.

Find out how in this walkthrough video:

Organization Toolkit for LearnDash