Preview: AI-Powered Conversations in the AI eLearning Powerpack

Written by Mark Langdale

23 May 2024

AI-powered conversations offer significant advantages for enhancing learning experiences by providing personalised, interactive, and safe practice environments.

These simulations can tailor content to individual learner needs, delivering real-time feedback and adaptive learning paths that ensure continuous engagement and improvement.

For instance, in medical training, AI can simulate patient interactions, allowing students to practice diagnosis and communication skills without risk, while in corporate settings, AI can create realistic business scenarios for employees to develop negotiation and conflict resolution skills.

AI-Powered Conversations are now possible in your WordPress LMS!

In this walkthrough video we demonstrate how you can add these to your online courses using the AI eLearning Powerpack

0:00 – Introduction
0:53 – Setting up Open AI Assistants
3:11 – Configuring your Assistants in the AI eLearning Powerpack
4:11 – Creating your AI-Powered Conversation
6:28 – Adding your AI-Powered Conversation into your online course
7:02 – Testing your AI-Powered Conversation


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