Overbrand your LearnDash LMS with your client’s logo and branding

Client overbranding in LearnDash

Overbrand your LearnDash LMS

Training providers are often asked to display the client’s branding in their online training. For example, if the training is being delivered as part of a broader initiative within the organization, they may want their company logo across the learning platform.

The Organization Toolkit gives you the flexibility to customise your LearnDash platform for your clients:


Add a logo and custom CSS to the organization profile in the plugin and choose whether to display this for an organization’s learners

Customise for each Organization

The client’s logo and branding only shows for that specific organization’s learners – no one else

Display on Registration Forms

Display the logo and branding on organization-specific registration forms, before a learner has even enrolled

Overbranding your LearnDash platform with your client’s logo and branding

Once you’ve downloaded and installed the Organization Toolkit for LearnDash, you can provide your client with access to a progress dashboard.

This walkthrough video shows you how:

Organization Toolkit for LearnDash