How to sell your LearnDash Courses using WooCommerce

Written by Mark Langdale

26 September 2022

LearnDash has some built-in features to allow you to sell your courses.

But they are limited, and if you really want your ecommerce capabilities to the next level you’ll probably want to look at WooCommerce.

0:00 – Introduction

0:09 – LearnDash eCommerce features

0:50 – What is WooCommerce?

2:30 – Disabling LearnDash’s eCommerce prior to enabling WooCommerce

3:20 – Installing WooCommerce

5:08 – Setting up WooCommerce

6:00 – Installing the WooCommerce for LearnDash add-on

6:45 – Key WooCommerce settings for selling with LearnDash

12:00 – Creating a WooCommerce product

15:54 – Previewing the product

16:35 – Testing the course purchase process

20:15 – Viewing orders

21:30 – Other WooCommerce features

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