Enrol learners in bulk via CSV in LearnDash

CSV upload in LearnDash

Bulk enrol your client’s learners in seconds

As a training provider, you need to offer flexible enrolment options to your client. If your client wants you to create the accounts for the learners, then you’ll want a simple way to do this, particularly if there are hundreds of learners!

The Organization Toolkit allows you to upload a spreadsheet of learners to create accounts in bulk:

Easy-to-use Template

Use our ready-made template to create new learner account directly into your LearnDash LMS with a CSV file

Assign Learners to an Organizations

Assign these learners to specific organizations within the same CSV

Assign Learners to Groups

Specify which LearnDash group a learner should be in (and therefore what course(s) they can access in your CSV

Creating accounts for a client’s learners by uploading a spreadsheet

Once you’ve downloaded and installed the Organization Toolkit for LearnDash, you can upload learners in bulk with a CSV. Here’s how:

Organization Toolkit for LearnDash